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Any Touchsceens for our Generic Laptops

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1 Any Touchsceens for our Generic Laptops on Sun 19 Sep 2010 - 4:13


Hey peoples. I was wondering has anyone tried or came across a post-factory touchscreen kit for the 7" Chinese laptops? I am just curious. I know there are kits like this for the eeePCs. Tablets are getting ultra-cheap too soon, so I would imaging the kit would be reasonable in price if it exists.

I am thinking of porting some art programs to WinCE5+ if a touchscreen is possible.



Master Touch Screen Interface
The touch screen interface supports 4-wire resistive touch screens, which work by applying a
voltage across the vertical or horizontal resistive network and measuring the change in
resistance at a given point on the matrix where the screen is touched by an input stylus, pen
or finger.

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