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Looking for people with the 7in Tablet version

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Hello Smile

I am new to this board... quite happy to have found it... I have a 7in 266MHz tablet... I have a social networking project that makes these devices VERY USEFUL... I have a little bit started... the main machine I am doing this project for is a Pollux 566MHz Thin Client that runs on Windows CE 5 that DealExtreme sells for around $50... I didn't find anybody selling the tablets but I found you guys Smile

I am finding these devices are very useful as a social networking server... They have network capabilities and have a very low power consumption...

The idea is to make some social networking server software for them... I got a little of bit of work started on it... I am just curious if I could find other people with the tablet to help me test and stuff...

The Pollux Terminal its good for a family cause you can attach it to the main TV and see the pictures and texts your friends send while sittin on the couch...

A 7in Tablet is good for a teen or college student... he or she leaves it on as if it were a digital photo-frame but it would be handing all the social networking stuff in the background...

what you guys think?


Nice to hear from you. What CPU does your tablet have?


ARM926EJ-S 248Mhz

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