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Problems after burntool

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1 Problems after burntool on Sat 24 Dec 2011 - 22:48


Burned but only 1.63 boot the netbook with cnmbook logo
after that lists initalization GPIO ok but restart after initalization lan error-1 ??
burntool sucsessfully burned what can it be to display
lan error .? Please help
Maybe somebody has 1.83 rom ?

btw,why when i select to flash xip.nb0
burntool fail?

2 Re: Problems after burntool on Tue 7 Feb 2012 - 7:57


I also have same problem,how should I do ?

Please help me. Thinks!

3 Re: Problems after burntool on Tue 7 Feb 2012 - 15:34


Post some pictures in this forum so we know what hardware you have -

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